Our Story

Our restaurant is known for its exotic Indian cuisine which is prepared with original Indian herbs and spices. We believe in healthy food and calm atmosphere, so here our restaurant to benchmark all those.To join us for an international experience of traditional Indian food in the capital of Georgia.

Method of cooking

What matters in every restaurant in the process of cooking the menu. Our chefs are using Indian sourced ingredients prepared with traditional cooking style with and modern technologies. We are endeavoured to make Indian food more approachable and famous with our cooking techniques.


Our restaurants are having highly experienced staffs, who are having International and gastronomic knowledge of food making. They have the ability to follow and execute group order instructions. They have a strong work ethic touch to visually examine product for quality and freshness. We had great knowledge of ingredients and spices using in different cooking styles.


We aim to provide our customers, A satisfaction of best taste of Traditional and authentic Indian Foods.